Recovery; Simple but not Easy!

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page0001It took me a long time to understand that I could be what I choose to be, that I am, indeed, that which has the capacity to look fear in the eye and dissolve it. No problem can be resolved from the point of view of the problem. I learned to ask myself, “What’s another way of looking at this?” Sandy Brewer

The addiction recovery process is simple but not easy. I try to avoid minimizing the steps in the process. One of the ingredients to successful sobriety or living clean if you will, is changing the way we think. There are several exercises and disciplines to implement into your daily life. Not in any particular order:

Journaling, there are several ways to journal, free thought & write,

Meditating, this can be done in various ways as well. Of course you can take a transcendental meditation course or something as simple as just reading a daily meditation book.

Praying, if you are not religious or spiritual feel free to pass, but prayer is so powerful that missing the mark in my opinion is a mistake. If it sits wrong with you currently simply defer rather than reject!

Affirmations, simple statements that you recite to yourself on a daily basis. One way to implement this is to set Google Calendar reminders that repeat daily.

Empowerment Questions, asking yourself empowering questions in any given situation is key. Ask yourself probing questions to confront your beliefs. Focus on solutions rather than the challenges and do not be afraid to ask for help and direction which leads to the next discipline;

Mentorship. Mentorship or sponsorship, having someone that has what you want in life is essential to stay out of your head and negative patterns.

In order to live an empowered substance free life and life happy, joyous and free we have to change the way we think! No it is not easy, but, it is absolutely worth it! Remember Life is gooood!


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