Recovery Sabotage

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This morning I received an email form a friend that asked me to answer her questions on recovery and sabotage.  I hope you enjoy and implement the answers!
What does recovery sabotage mean to you?

Recovery Sabotage is the disturbance, interference or undermining of an individuals recovery foundation and ultimately their internal joy.  First of all there are two main forms of recovery sabotage, individual or self-sabotage and sabotage by others, typically friends or family. Recovery sabotage can be intentional or non-intentional.
When it comes to sabotage by others there are two types of saboteurs the individuals that want you well but they are simply having extreme challenges with the changes the recovered individual are going through; for instance time spent away for therapeutic purposes and they feel abandoned.  On the flip side is the friends or family that simply do not comprehend the importance of recovery and want their old friend back!  They say things like, “what the heck, you were not that bad, lets have some fun”.  Sometimes out friends or family are so disturbed or unhappy themselves they sabotage our recovery or at least attempt to sabotage our recovery.  The saying goes, “Misery loves company”. But remember this, No one can steal our recovery unless we allow them.

When it comes to individual or self sabotage this is a different story. This is usually a a recovery foundation issue.  It is typically not a planned event or situation.  It is the wearing away of our recovery protection.  We set ourselves up for failure.  We begin to focus or we never change our approach from negativity to positivity.  We do not implement the necessary disciplines in our life to fully recover.

What steps does someone need to make a change to avoid recovery sabotage?

First and foremost we must make a firm decision that recovery is the way of life I choose.  When we are hurting and in the throws of addiction or illness we need to make the decision to recover.  For example, lets say we have a heart attack and the doctor suggests we have by-pass surgery.  We either have the surgery or we do not.  Imagine, half way through the surgery we wake up from the anastisia and say to the Dr. “how is it going”?  The doctor says, “excellent”.  You say, “ok well that is good lets stop now, sew me back up so I can chomp on some bacon”!
Sure it sounds funny but the truth is once we make a decision to recover we are eliminating any other alternative.  self-sabotage is the direct result that we have not made the commitment to recover!  So how do we avoid this huge mistake?  We start one step at a time.  We begin to implement the daily disciplines of recovery into our lives.  We evaluate our situation and “weigh it out”.  Is my way of living working for me?  We focus on what we want and where we are heading.  We do not look for the why or the excuse, we determine that our lives are not working this way, some folks would call that unmanageable.  Yet whatever you want to call it, if it does not sit well with you and what you wanted out of your life then decide to change it!

As we approach the Super Bowl, I am reminded of a commercial some years back by  It was several scenes of children, they would show a kid on a playground and the child would say, “When I grow up I want to be buried in debt and struggling….”  Well, ask yourself, what was it you dreamed of for your life?  Are you living up to that desire or your potential?  If not do not look back choose recovery you will not regret it!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂
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