Recovery Information/Relapse Prevention (Slogans)

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As the newcomer begins recovery by going either to rehab and/or 12 step meetings chances are there will be discomfort and confusion.  I know this was the case for me.  I knew I didn’t want to drink or use but was expecting a magic saying to help me achieve this.  I was not sure how to tie what I was hearing into trying to stay away from a substance for the third day in a row.  Over time, as I attended beginner’s meetings, got a sponsor and became familiar with the programs literature, things started to become understandable.  The following are slogans which can be seen in most AA rooms across the country.

1) “EASY DOES IT” :  Now is the time to slow down.  You are beginning the most important period of  your life.  I had to come to the realization that the way I handled stresses and situations had to change.  Taking the time to slow down and go to a meeting every day have been very helpful.

2)  “ONE DAY AT A TIME”  :  The thought of not drinking or using for the rest of your life can be overwhelming.  Breaking recovery down to 24 hours at a time becomes a reachable goal. You may also hear in meetings to take it one hour at a time or even one minute at a time.  Whatever it takes will be worth it.

3)  “THIS TOO SHALL PASS”  :  Not a favorite of many, but it is true.  Whatever it is you are going through will pass.  Using or taking a drink can only make matters worse.  It is the waiting for things to pass, without making harmful decisions, that is difficult.

4)  “KEEP COMING BACK, IT WORKS IF YOU WORK IT”  :  This is a saying used at many meetings in this area.  Typically it is said after the closing prayer.  The saying reiterates that the 12 steps will work in your lives if you put forth the effort and work them.

5)  “THINK, THINK, THINK”  :  What this saying has always meant to me is that if the thought to drink or use enters my mind, to think the first drink all the way through to the disasters that would eventually follow.

Obviously there are many more slogans you will come across in meetings.  Hopefully this gives you a head start.  If you come across something that is not clear, be sure to ask some of the “old-timers” what they mean to them.

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