Recovery Information/Relapse Prevention (part 2)

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Today’s blog is a continuation of  the previous blog discussing the topic of  accepting one’s dependency on drugs/alcohol.

In my experience, refusal to accept the fact that I was powerless over my dependence on alcohol/drugs led to attempts to self-help the condition.  I was eventually driven to isolation and a deeper despair.  To me, asking for help meant I was weak and that I could not control my life.   On the flip side, would I consider myself weak if I was diagnosed with cancer and sought help?  Probably not.   As I tried to control my situation without aid, I found, I was actually giving it more power.

Those who accept the reality of the condition of dependence and put the rationalizations aside stand to benefit the most, and sooner, in recovery.  Truly, the only way to win this fight is to surrender. The sooner we come to arrive at the true nature of our situation, the sooner we can plunge into our recovery.  One of the many paradoxes in the recovered life is that to win one must first surrender.

An important fact to remember is that you are not the only one who has involved himself in this debate.  It seems to be a part of our nature in the world today.  Weren’t we all raised to to face our problems head on?  To handle things and not put our business out there for everyone to see?  I lived in this fallacy for many years.  I have since come to understand the words of my AA sponsor, “when I finally decide to ask for help, more help is forthcoming than I could have imagined”.

In my next blog I will write about the witty slogans used in the rooms of recovery and discuss the meanings they have for me.  These sayings may be important to fall back on in the very first days of recovery.  Until then.

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