Recovery Information/Relapse Prevention (part 1)

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Over the next few weeks I will be writing a series of blogs called “Relapse Prevention”.  I will cover topics and provide information based on the experience of recovered people designed to assist in early recovery.  I have always been amazed by the determination of the newcomer in their first week of recovery.  Chances are that in the first week they are without a “program”, without a sponsor, and without even a basic understanding of the slogans that others, with time in sobriety, may take for granted.  I’d say this is white knuckling at it’s most extreme.

It is my hope that my upcoming blogs may help with the struggle of will power alone against the deadly affliction of addiction.  The first step of 12 step programs dealing with alcoholism and addiction reads;  “We admitted we were powerless over (alcohol and/or drugs)-that our lives had become unmanageable”.  Today’s blog will attempt to illustrate the acceptance required to make such an admission.   I hope it is helpful.

“Just say no” is perhaps good advice to people to stop them from trying drugs or alcohol initially.   But unfortunately it is no help to the person who has become dependent.  Overcoming addiction requires first the awareness of the power of such a dependence and secondly, the acceptance of  our limitations caused by  the dependence.  Entering a treatment facility is often the first act of acceptance.  It cannot be the only one.  Recovery is a continual process of accepting that substance dependence is more powerful than you, alone, are.  By accepting the fact that drug/alcohol dependence has power over you is simply accepting the fact that human beings have limitations.  Refusing to acknowledge such limitations is the main reason for not seeking help and trying to go it alone, if at all.

To be continued…..

More on acceptance and relapse prevention in the next blog.

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