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I recently had the pleasure to speak with Debbie Davis the co-founder of Recovery First an addiction treatment center located in South Florida.  Recovery First is unique in their program in that they go the extra mile to assist people in their personal recovery experience.  Additionally, they are “In-Network” for every imaginable insurance plan this side of the moon therefore people with insurance that call Recovery First are virtually assured admission into the program.  With many people struggling financially these days that is a huge hurdle to overcome!  Below is what I found out about Recovery First.

Recovery First’s drug rehab center is considered one of the most successful drug addiction treatment programs in the country because we have identified three keys to long term recovery:  Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome Education, Relapse Prevention, and Denial Management.  The threats to a lifetime of substance abuse recovery can be mitigated and successfully managed by utilizing these strategies along with intensive therapies and evidence based practices that empower clients to stay clean for the rest of their lives, one day at a time.

We offer an intensive inpatient drug rehab program with medical monitoring and 24 hour nursing care, a unique and extremely effective day/night or partial hospitalization program, and a powerful outpatient treatment program.  By individually tailoring our programs to meet the specific needs of each client, we ensure that together we can create the best chance for lasting success.

At Recovery First we utilize more than 66 hours of intensive therapies each week to help our clients develop the skills, support systems and personal tools needed to become a productive member of their community with the ability to achieve happiness and fulfillment without using drugs or alcohol.  These therapies are administered in a reality based setting and have a proven track record of helping addicts and alcoholics triumph over the disease of addiction – and remain clean and sober for years to come.

We are not a religious based program, though we see great value in, and encourage our clients to explore and embrace whatever form of spirituality works for them.  And while we do encourage our clients to participate in the structure and fellowship of 12 Step programs, we are not a 12 Step facility, nor are we affiliated with one.  We base our programs on what we know works: real therapies in a real-world environment.  After all, this is your life we’re talking about, and that’s as real as it gets.  Call 800-706-9190 or visit now to learn how we can set you on the path to a lifetime of freedom from addiction.

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