Spiritual progress not perfection

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“I was taught that the way of progress is neither swift nor easy.”  Marie Curie

Last night after our Freedom Recovery Meeting I was helping Pastor Claudio clean up a bit, when Pastor got a call from his wife.  One of the church members had passed away at hospice and the wife needed some travel assistance to the center.  So we went over to the home and met with Elva, her husband has been ill for quite some time.  In fact, 36 years ago he was given 6 months to live!  Steve at 88 years of age passed away at 9 PM.  We drove over to the hospice and spent some time with Elva saying goodbye to her husband of 65 years.  The thing that touched me is Elva prayed and spoke with Steve as if he was listening.  Elva said to Steve, thank you for the wonderful life together, you were a good husband and father and I love you.

What a testament to a human being.  It is not a race that we are in and it is not perfection we attain that makes life joyful, it is the progress.  Spiritual progress!  Sometimes we miss the journey because we are so focused on our need for perfection.  Progress is neither swift nor easy, it is the journey.  The recovered life gives us the opportunity to live life from a new perspective.  We have the opportunity to start over again, and again.  The dash between our date of birth and date of death will be filled with joy when we strive for spiritual progress.  When our day comes and the dash is commended by our loved ones we have probably progressed pretty well.

Life is good!

Dan 🙂

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