Private Rehab

Lets face it, even though it may appear sheik to the media and public to be committed to drug rehab for most professional people it can be a scar that appears to be insurmountable.  It is bad enough you are in the situation in the first place but then to have drug rehab added to your resume well maybe that is not the best option available.  Private rehab is an individualized affordable approach that offers you the privacy you need and no paper trail to haunt you.

Dan Callahan suggests private rehab as an alternative.  Dan has a long and successful human service career.  He has worked with CEO’s, people with sensitive professions such as doctors, nurses, attorneys, and other executives.  The approach is a one on one recovery process that incorporates Motivational Interviewing, The Law of Recovery, the Steps, the Power of Positive Thinking, Spirituality and Conditioning into a game plan for your success.

Offered at a private tropical location away from the daily grind it is the perfect conduit for your recovery foundation.  The process is individualized to meet your needs.  Dan recognizes the need for professionals especially business owners to have access to their business, therefore ample time is available to continue your career remotely.

Results are what matter.  Imagine choosing an airline that was only successful 25% of the time?  Would you fly them?  Not a chance!  Then why would you choose a treatment center that is only 25% successful?  If you or a loved one needs assistance individualized recovery works exceptionally.  The Happy Recovery treatment experience will offer you the best chance for success.