Potentially Good Idea…

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I will cooperate in supporting a potentially good idea even if I can see something wrong with it. — Dr. Robert Schuller

IMG_0071On open mind is essential for human growth and potential. When attempting to overcome the grips of alcohol or drug addiction simply putting down the drink or drug is not enough. Changing the way we think in nearly every aspect of our lives is important. The only way to change is by keeping an open mind. In the early stages nearly every suggestion we view with our negative filter. We seem to look for the reason that it does not pertain to us. We find the contradiction in the idea and dismiss it as “that won’t work for me.”

When we truly want to attain joy we begin to say “Yes” to life. We begin to look at every suggestion and idea as a potentially good idea… We start to recognize that life is good…

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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