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The reason for living is giving! — Tony Robbins

I believe that each and everyone of us has a good heart. I am sure that each and everyone of us has dropped coins or a buck in a homeless persons cup throughout the years. If a friend asked you for $20 for food I am sure you would give it, likewise if you needed $20 to eat you wouldn’t hesitate to ask a friend, would you?

That is exactly what I am asking, I have some 3,000 friends on Facebook, 1,500 Followers on Twitter, a hundred or so are subscribed to the Blog and literally thousands in my email address book, besides the friends I have made throughout the years.

What I am asking is each of you go to Amazon and purchase at least one “Recovery Thinking” paperback and give it to someone you know that may benefit from it. In turn I will buy at least one to give to not-for-profit addiction service providers for their clientele. There are some female facilities that I have in mind and some halfway houses for both men and women that are in the process that need this tool.

I am asking you to do this as a friend, however, if you are reading this and thinking this is a self seeking gig or some semblance of that thought, I am sorry, just click this off and do not do it! Seriously, if you believe in people lets get this book in to their hands. People are dying everyday from this disease, families are losing children, parents, aunts, uncles grandparents!

Please help me to teach an individual to fish! The goal is 1,000 books! We can make a difference!  Please Click HERE… and take action now!  If you prefer the Workbook Click HERE…

If you do not need the book but would like to participate please feel free to purchase and forward to: Return to Reality, PO Box 70393,  Montgomery, Al 36107, I will match the order as well. This is a female recovery home that I would like to send 50 books and 50 workbooks.

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

Buy the EBook Click here to buy the paperback book! Download the book for your Kindle

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