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“So that’s how you do it. Elbow grease. You know … time. Thought. Persistence.”  Glenn Frey 

I was reading a post about Glenn Frey living below Jackson Browne, Glenn wanted to be a songwriter but did not know how to get started.   On a daily basis, he would listen to Jackson play an opening verse for twenty minutes, make adjustments until he was happy with the verse.  He would do that until the song was completed to his perfection.  I remember early in my recovery I was meeting with my therapist and was telling her how disappointed in myself I was.  I do not remember the exact issue but I went on and on about it as she sat and listened.  When I stopped she said, “so after all of that, what is going to happen?  What are the consequences?”  I sat there perplexed and silent.  She prompted me, “so what is going to happen?”  I reluctantly responded, “I guess I will drink.”  She shook her head and said, “Dan that is sad, do you really think that you must be perfect in order to stay sober?” 

Wow, she was right, if I make a mistake, I get up dust myself off and do better next time.  I share, I give “time, time,” I remain persistent in my recovery and never ever quit!  What a lesson I learned.  I had power and I had choices.

Life is Gooooood!



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