Perfect Practice makes Perfect!

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As a kid I loved to play organized sports.  In any sport to become a good player practice is essential, to become great you must work harder than everyone else.  I played the guitar and took lessons.  After every lesson my teacher always gave me tasks to “practice”. Practice, practice, practice…  You cannot become proficient let alone good at anything with out practice.

Our lives are shaped by our habits.  The actions we currently take are a result of our daily practices.  To develop the will to become proficient we must start by taking an inventory of our current habits.  Decide what we want, determine if we are willing to pay the price to change, develop the skill sets that promote proficiency in our desired outcome and then “Do It”.

To change anything in our lives it takes changing our habits.  We change our habits by practicing daily disciplines.   If you want to become better at anything it takes practice.  To become great at anything it takes “perfect” practice on a daily basis.

Living a “Happy, Healthy, Clean and Sober Life” requires practice.  Make the decision to be happy.  Develop the skills to remain abstinent and then focus on where you want to go.  That is the recipe for success.

Go Win…

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