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“There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the infinite passion of life.”

— Frederico Fellini

In August of 2012 I set out on a new venture,  My goal was to build a brick and mortar agency that utilized the recovery success principles I had been developing and refining over the course of my own recovery.  I had success in the field in “not-For-Profit,” Government, and Private Human Service dating back to 1983. The difference in 2012 was I had designed a program with treatment protocols, a full curriculum, and a business strategy for success.  There were many ups and downs in the process. There were several issues including State regulations, Accreditation, reimbursement, and regulation contradictions, funding, and staffing.

State Regulations

Whenever there are government regulators involved you are bound to have issues.  How one government employee interprets the regulations vs another vs your professional interpretation is often in conflict.  Couple that with the ongoing fluctuation of how some of the regulations are interpreted and enforced and you have an unstable environment in which to operate.  

Accreditation, Reimbursement, and Regulation Contradictions

A simple example of these issues comes with the basic documentation process.  The Accrediting bodies and regulators with the norms and ethics of the field require patient progress documentation.  However, if you document the patient’s progress you fail to meet the “insurers” guidelines for payment!  

Funding, and Staffing

It goes without saying that any agency or business must have adequate funding and ongoing revenue in order to remain functioning and functioning effectively. We started Solutions with a commitment of $1,200,000 that never happened, so we ran bootstrapping it with a $240,000 loan that we repaid in two years.  Staffing is a separate issue however, I include it together with finance because the main issue developing the right staff, holding them accountable to your high standards and then retaining them ties into the ability to recruit and train them and quite frankly, retain our staff to patient ratio of 1 staff to 3 patients.  


That is a brief overview of the challenges we faced with the Brick and Mortar business.  I have always been “moved” emotionally to help people. I have a passion to help people overcome addiction, not only live an abstinent life but to live an abundant purposeful and passionate abstinent life!  It motivates me when I see people overcome adversity and live the life they could only dream of before addiction took over their lives! I enjoy seeing people become happy, joyful, peace-filled people! There is a recipe for success, success for recovery, success for life and teaching and coaching that is my passion.  Life is meant to be enjoyed and not endured!

Life is gooooood!!!


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