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As most of you know I have spent two of the past three years in Panama.  While I was there I learned an enormous amount about the people and their culture.  I learned that the culture viewed life differently from the way North American’s and many Europeans viewed the world.  Some of this took adjustment on my side.  Some of the differences I noticed where positive and some of them were to be honest and frank backwards!  Well it is a third world country.  However, anyone that has visited Panama or lived there for any period of time knows that for the most part Panama is a safe country and is noted as a peaceful and joyous culture of people.

Living in Panama I decided to attend the Catholic Church because my language comprehension was limited and I could not follow a protestant service.  I knew the Catholic Mass and could follow along.  A few years ago my first Easter in the Country I was rushing to get to Church so that I could get a seat.  As I approached the Church I realized it was as empty as any other Sunday!  I thought to myself maybe I am too early.  Well I was wrong the people that were normally in Church were there and those that do not attend held true to their position.  I thought wow for a Country with over 90% Catholics this is strange.   What I have come to learn is that Panamanians are not religious, yet they are spiritual.  They have a substantial and strong faith in God but will not succumb to a pretentious idea of faith.

I am not attempting to be judgmental or negative about the Catholic Church the people of Panama or the “Anglo” people in the first world countries.  I am simply pointing out what I witnessed, was explained to be the belief by the believers of Panama.  There is an enormous need for spiritual guidance and  witness and worship in Panama as well as all of Central and South America.  Two of the people that I know of that are witnessing to this population are Pastor’s Steve and Joanie Gulbronson.  They are friends of mine true servants of God and they have put their money where their mouth is.  They have taken the leap of faith and set out to bring the Word of God in a kind, gentle and loving way to Panama.  I am sharing with you a recent letter I received from them in Panama.  I invite you to read the letter and consider a gift to their Ministry and possibly become an ongoing sponsor for them to continue this valuable work.

Hey as always thank you for all of your support and remember that life is good…. God is Great!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

Re: HOME: House of Mercy for Everyone

HOME Church Panama

Tom Gulbronson Ministries

Rt. 3 Box 238

Ridgeley, W.V. 26753


May 11, 2010

Dear Friends,

We began the HOME Church Panama ministry in August 2009. Up until this point HOME is self-supported as we needed to place our vision into a third world country. We have lived in Boquete, Panama for nearly a year and though our vision remains the same: To win hearts over to Jesus, we shifted from the English-speaking population to the people of Panama, Central America.

Since we made the shift to a more impoverished population, this has placed us into a financial position where we must ask for on-going financial support.  Beginning Thursday May 13, 2010, HOME Church Panama will air on the Enlace TBN Radio Station out of David, Panama.

The HOME Church expenses far outweigh the incoming tithes and offerings.  Most make less than ten dollars a day and it is understood by us and our hungry crowd that we are here to teach the truth with no compensation from our financially limited parishioners.  The radio will aid us in providing sound doctrine from our lips into innocent ears ranging from Costa Rica and into Brazil.

Unfortunately, the Panamanians are bombarded with multiple belief systems from all parts of the world. The country offers tempting incentives to lure in such and with a wide diversity of people, comes many indoctrinated religions such as New Age, witchcraft, and cults.  Many Panamanians work for these people and need the armor of God’s Word to protect them. Our radio ministry in conjunction with our church will feed thousands with sound knowledge of His Word to aid them when their employers attempt to feed them man-made information.

We believe that God called us to the small peaceful country of Panama to reach out to His innocent children.  The Panamanians respect HOME Church Panama and they literally look up to us! Yes! Pun is intended being that we both stand around 6 feet tall and the average height of the Panamanian people might be 5’3″.

Please consider a tax-free love donation to our ministries in Boquete, Panama.  Visit our website for on-line giving or U.S. Postal delivery of your donation:

Remember this, the readers of this letter are likely believers and are prepared to enter the gates of heaven.  Nevertheless, your donations support our efforts in preventing other souls from slipping into hell. Your contributions link us together as we preach and teach God’s Word to a potential listening audience of hundreds of thousands! As Romans 1:16 states, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes…” (NAS).


Pastors Steve & Joanie Gulbronson

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