Overcoming Objections

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I personally suggest that everyone should at one time in life take a sales course.  I realize that not everyone is or wants to be a sales person however, we all sell on a daily basis.  We sell to ourselves whether we will take the risk to awaken and start the day right on to selling ourselves on making or failing to make major decisions. Think I am crazy?  Well you are not alone, I was a guest lecturer at a State University in the Department of Social Work.  I would always suggest to social work students that they too should take a weekend sales course.  More often than not I would get resistance.  I would make my point and calm their souls however, I do not believe any of them ever took my advice.

I believe a good sales person identifies the obstacles and overcomes the objections that the consumer has that is preventing them from doing what is good or right for them.  That is the sales process in a nutshell.  The essential aspect of the overall sales process is overcoming objections.  In recovery there are some pretty heavy duty objections we have to becoming abstinent.  We look at the overall picture with these fearful and jaded eyes and we see mostly the negative aspects of sobriety.  Many of us say things like, “I get too much negativity in AA or NA rooms.”  “I can go weeks on end without using!”  “I don’t really have a problem.”  I don’t, I don’t, I don’t, I don’t,… to infinity!  We look for the contradictions in the disease concept, in our own lives as to whether we are or are not alcoholic or addicts!  We use these contradictions to prevent us from doing what is good for us.

If you want joy and freedom from the hurts alcohol and drugs bring to your life, overcome the objections and obstacles, give it a go and see what abstinence will bring!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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