Overcoming limitations others put on you

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Whether you believe that the Bible is a collection of stories, prophecy, rules or direction, parables by Jesus, or a blow by blow history of the world from beginning to end it does not matter.  King David probably one of the mightiest and greatest rulers of Israel had limitations placed upon him.  We all know that David beat the ding dong out of the giant Goliath.  But what we don’t realize is that even David’s father Jesse did not believe in him.  When Jesse learned that the prophet Samuel was coming to visit and anoint one of his sons the next King of Israel, Jesse did not consider it to be David!

In fact, when Samuel arrived Jesse lined his sons up in front of Samuel, except he left David out of the line-up.  Imagine, your dad is the captain of the pick up baseball game in the neighborhood and he does not pick you!  In fact, maybe you are the last one standing in line and your dad says, well you are too small or you can’t hit, how about you be a designated runner… to the water cooler!  Back to David, as Jesse paraded his son’s in front of Samuel the Lord spoke to Samuel and said, “For the Lord does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart”.  Samuel 16:7.

Yes it is the heart within us, not the organ, but the drive, desire, the willingness to do what others only dream about.  Many of us with limitations that were impressed upon us as youth may think, “well that is King David I am just Dan’O, I have done too many things wrong in life!”  Truthfully, I could speak deeper on some of the flaws of David, like murder and infidelity, but that would take a while.  So trust me to say, that nothing and I mean nothing is not overcome-able!   As long as we are breathing we can do what we put our mind to!  We are no different than King David.

If we want to put in the effort we can succeed at practically anything.  But notice I said if we put the effort in!  We must act on our desire, otherwise it is only a wish!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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