One Hit Wonders, Liam Magnuson

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One Hit Wonders

Back in 1972 a group called the Hillside Singers had a hit single entitled “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing.”  That was the only song they taught us to sing because it was their only attempt that actually made it to the top 40 charts.  One hit wonders are pretty common in the music business.  When Louden Wainright III sang “Dead Skunk” in 1973, he should have been working on a follow-up tune.  “Dead Armadillo” might have worked, but what do I know?  The heavy metal band, Twisted Sister, sang “We’re Not Gonna Take it.”  Apparently they were referring to the opportunity to make a lot more money that would have been theirs with just one more hit song.  Patrick Swayze, may he rest in peace, tried to make the jump from acting to singing with the song, “She’s Like the Wind.”  “She,” presumably was a reference to his future as a singer.  And, who can forget when Lord Tariq and Peter Guns teamed up in 1998 to sing “Deja Vu”?  That sounds familiar, doesn’t it?  When we get our chance to do something special, how can we make sure it isn’t a one hit wonder or, as some would call it, a flash in the pan?  One way is to pursue challenges that have lasting results.

Commit to the long haul and keep trying even when you go through a dry spell.  Another important key is to team up with someone that has a track
record of staying power that knows how to maximize our efforts.  These things could be said of developing a lasting faith.  To make sure our  faith doesn’t fade faster than the aptly named group Vapors one hit wonder, “Turning Japanese,” we must trust God’s plan for our life and team up with him.  With him, the hits just keep on coming!

Liam Magnuson

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