Once I Get Through This, I Will Be OK….

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We have all had the experience of a stressful “life challenge” along the way.  However, that is all it is, a stressful life challenge along the way!  Along the way to what? To where?  You have heard it said, “Life is a Journey”.  (I will leave the afterlife talk to those folks that are willing to join the debate club.)  Life is a journey to be enjoyed daily.  Without getting into the frustrating and sometimes depressing questions of “what am I here for ?” Please think about your purpose.  You have a purpose.  Part of that purpose requires happiness.  Yes, it REQUIRES happiness.  Take a positive inventory of your life, a gratitude list.   Start from where you are.  Always and I mean this very strongly, always refrain from comparing yourself to anyone or to where you think you oughta be!  It is a losing venture.  Winners do not walk that road.   What are my strengths in relationships? Producing income? What do I enjoy? Focus on your strengths.  What do I want to be? Do? Have?  Your virtues are an indicator of your purpose.

Over the past 28 years I have made mistakes, some very big mistakes, some life changing mistakes.  But that is all they are, mistakes.  They created an opportunity for me to change direction, or to correct my focus.  As I look back I can see that all of my “life challenges” came from my choices and actions.  They created who I was at that given time.  What they did was allow me the opportunity to grow into who I wanted to be.  I often found myself thinking, “if I can only get through this….. I will be OK”!  Wrong, wrong, wrong…  I will get through anything that occurs in my life.  I will use the positive as a building block and the negative to grow from.
Life is good, no life is great!  Choose life, live life to the fullest.  Be, do, have and enjoy the journey!  You are worth it and you want it, so go and get it!  It is yours.
Stay Hungry,
Dan 🙂
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