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My friend Dennis has had a real challenge in life.  He is an extremely intelligent and talented young man.  Yet addiction and his mental health challenges got in the way of his productivity and life.  Unfortunately or maybe fortunately he ended up in prison before he ended up in the cemetery.  His parents are two of the most dedicated and loving parents in all the world.   I recently received a letter from Dennis and he shared this poem with me.  I want to share it with you.  He has been incarcerated since 2005 and is not eligible for parole until the end of 2011.  I admire his spirit.

So it’s the night before Thanksgiving

& I’m sitting in my cell

Wondering is this heaven or hell!

AsI sit and stare at the walls

I listen t the fan thats blowing down the hall

I understand that addiction is a great fall.

As you ponder the idea of your stinking thinking

I can say it’s a lot better than drinking

Most times your lonely & angry with your past

But you don’t want those thoughts to last.

You must move forward for your future

& leave the bad behind!

Because god gives you a beautiful sign

That sign is your mom and dad

In which some people don’t have

They have been my backbone through this mess

But you know when their strong, they keep me blessed

Sometimes I cry myself to sleep

& wonder why I let this get so deep

But thats why life is filled with trials & tribulations

So we must fight this addiction

Time has gone slow, But yet very fast

So it’s time to let go of the past!


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