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Please take a moment when you can to read through the following Op-Ed piece at the New York Times online and leave your comments here below, NYTimes.  This is not an ad for the Times nor does it offer my opinion on what to read or not to read.  I follow articles and op-ed pieces throughout the USA on addiction, this is titled; The Breathalyzer Behind the Wheel, by PHILIP J. COOK and MAEVE E. GEARING.

When it comes to recovery from our standpoint “treatment” for lack of a better term is leading an individual or family towards a “Recovered Life”.  Often it takes what I call a “Significant Emotional Event”, a “SEE” to get the afflicted to agree that there is a challenge in their approach to life.  Then to convert that willingness to an effective set of life skills to look at life from a different perspective.

When I read articles similar to this it points to a deeper set of issue’s  that must be addressed for the safety of our communities.  The article points out that treatment should play a role in the policing of DWI.  Of course, I agree with that however some of the other challenges we face play a significant role in the process as well.  It is incredible to me that a judge would not require a convicted individual to not utilize this safeguard for the community simply because the “convicted” does not have the funds to pay the ongoing expense!  I have a suggestion “Take the BUS”!!!  Driving is a privilege and not a right.

Prove to the community that you are recovered and then you can drive!  If the judge remains adamant about upholding this “LAW” it will contribute to the “SEE” so that the convicted does get the help they need for recovery.

Tell me what you think!

Dan 🙂

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