New York Recovery Home

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New York Recovery Home

The State of New York has the most admissions for addiction treatment than any other state in the Union. One thing New York was missing is an array of small private centers. Most people looking for private intimate treatment in the State needed to leave the state to do so. But today the New York Recovery Home has opened its doors to addiction treatment services in the State for a small, intimate and private treatment experience for individuals seeking recovery.

The center is affordable for anyone serious about changing their life. A small counselor to client ratio guarantees you an extensive and personalized therapeutic experience. New York Recovery Home has a gorgeous center, up to date infrastructure and amenities with a wonderful support system for growth and recovery.

Located in Saugerties, New York home of the infamous Woodstock concerts, New York Recovery Home is perfectly situated for individuals from New York City and the Metropolitan area to get away from home but not travel across the country! Additionally New York Recovery Home is the perfect place at a price point much lower than the “Rehab Mills” in the tropics for people from all over the country to experience quality treatment and keep first things first, freedom from addiction!

New York Recovery Home can be contacted toll free: 866-847-6979

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