Never too old…

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You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.
— C.S. Lewis

My friend and mentor Jack Jackson is 81 years old, sober 50 years and continues to set goals.  He believes that as long as he is here on earth he  will enjoy life.  He believes that when your life is completed you will take your last breath.  Jack is a Jacob Marino proponent.  It is reported that Jacob the night before he passed away went to bed and said my life has been a great life and I have fulfilled my potential here, I am done, goodbye.  Then he closed his eyes, went to sleep and died.  Jack’s mantra is simple, “Life is meant to be enjoyed and not to be endured”.

Yesterday I met with a gentleman in early recovery.  He is 50 years old and he said he met a few men that were in their seventies and sober 20 plus years.  He said that it gave him hope.  He thought that at 50 years old that he had nothing to look forward to.  He thought he was too old to recover.  But now that he met these other men, he has hope.  We are never too old to get sober and fulfill our lives.

I remember when I got sober there was a fellow that came to our group, his name was Charlie, he was in his seventies as well.  Charlie was beginning the recovery process.  Charlie had lost his wife and fell into a drunken existence.  I remember when I first met Charlie I thought, “what is this guy doing? He is so old!  In fact, he had no teeth and could not walk without a walker and assistance.  A month after I celebrated my first recovery anniversary so did Charlie.  Charlie lived out his life sober and contributing to life!  Life is good!!!!!!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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