Never Squelch a Productive Idea…

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I will never squelch a creative idea because no one else has ever succeeded in perfecting it. — Dr. Robert Schuller

red wavy curve, abstract roadI remember the day I told my best friend that I thought I was an alcoholic. He chimed right in loud and clear, “you are not an alcoholic, you can’t be an alcoholic because I drink more than you and I’m not an alcoholic!” It made sense to me. Six years later after three years in prison I was drinking again several failed attempts at AA I had saved a Big Book, I looked at it and thought maybe, just maybe I can stop this pain. Then I remembered what John had said, I am not an alcoholic and besides AA doesn’t work. I tossed the Big Book in the trash and began to drink again till the pain drifted away.

The longer I am away from a drink the more I understand that we all have a built in resistor. It tells us everything is ok, or that isn’t me, or that won’t work for me… When I finally took an honest look at what was going on in my life, that alcohol or other drugs played a role in nearly every challenge and poor decision in my life that I came to terms with the idea that refraining from use was the best alternative for me. At 27 years of age that is tough to swallow, but I must be honest, it is the best decision of my life. Life is good…

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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