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The first word that we internalize in life is “NO”. Throughout our developmental years we learn to be objective. Challenge what we see, hear, are taught, told, and anything in between. What that eventually does is close our minds to the possibilities. We have all been told about the difference between a pessimist and an optimist; the pessimist sees the glass as half empty and the optimist sees it half full.

In reality most of us are raised to think the worst. We say things like, “When it comes to me, if it could go wrong it will go wrong!” For me that was the case up until 1998. In 1998 I took a look at my life and challenged the negative self-talk. I had been listening to two audio sets one by Tony Robbins and the other by Earl Nightingale.

I began to look back at the accomplishments in my life. Here was a kid that was thrown out of high school in March of his senior year that went on to not only go to college but to attain a Masters Degree from a prestigious New York City University! The results did not match the talk within. From the outside people would see an accomplished success story, from zero to hero! But the thoughts between my two ears said otherwise.

Over the past ten years the self-talk has changed from negative to positive. Occasionally a relapse in to negative thinking brings some worry. But the tools I have developed over the years quickly extinguish that doubt. I have learned not to worry, worry only brings fear and fear paralyzes me.

It is this experience that has helped me to refine my purpose. At first glance from the outside in one may think that my purpose is to assist people that struggle with addiction to recover. If that is what you think you are only partially correct. It is a deeper commitment to help people in all phases of recovery to adapt an attitude of gratitude. To be conscious of the way they think. The intention is to assist recovered people to develop into positive mental thinkers.


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