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Unless you have gone through school with the Common Core system you probably remember the “Multiplication” tables.  We needed to memorize those tables and had better learn some shortcuts and not with our fingers to assist in the process.  I recently saw a “gif” of the multiples of “10,” it went like this:

10 x 1 = 7

10 x 2 = 20

10 x 3 = 30

10 x 4 = 40

10 x 5 = 50

10 x 6 = 60

10 x 7 = 70

10 x 8 = 80

10 x 9 = 90

10 x 10 = 100

At first, I was trying to figure out what the trick was.  We have all seen the algebra equations floating around on FaceBook and we all answer differently, well unless we do a quick Google search.  But, I quickly realized the table was wrong!  I looked below and saw the teacher had explained to her class that we must all remember that in life people will look at the “wrongs” we show and ignore the “rights” we do!  Case in point, there are 9 correct answers and one incorrect yet we all focus on the one incorrect answer.  

In the recovery process not only do we face this negative slant from the world we face it internally as well.  And, it is extremely dangerous!  We live by the mantra of progress over perfection.  Noone is perfect and no recovery is perfect.  We need to have checks and balances and learn to forgive ourselves as we desire others to forgive us!  Yes, we all want forgiveness from those we hurt.  During our attempt at recovery, we begin to learn and partially believe that addiction is a disease and due to that fact we want to be forgiven!  We sometimes grow frustrated as our loved ones harden to the attempts at recovery and reject our need or desire for forgiveness.  But do not forget, it is just natural to look at the 10% failure over the 90% success.

As recovering people, we need to recognize that life is full of contradictions and that we will make mistakes and sometimes those mistakes are mistakes of defiance, but when we review our behavior and “question our intention” honestly, we learn that progress is near and staying focused on the here and now is essential.  We learn that we will make mistakes and the key is minimizing those mistakes and never losing focus of all the good we do as well! 


Go, Go, Go…



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