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“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” — Jim Ryun

There are two types of motivation:  The motivation to attain something we want, in other words we are running towards pleasure and the second is the avoidance of pain.  In the beginning stages of recovery, the end days so to speak the motivation is often avoiding pain.  That pain comes in several forms.  Avoidance of the pain of legal troubles like jail, prison, divorce, etc…  Avoidance of physical pain, cirrhosis of the liver, terrible hang overs etc…  Avoidance of relationship pain, once again divorce, loss of children, a fiancee bailing on a planned wedding etc…  Often when we think of motivation we are thinking of it in a positive influence an excitement of sort.  But the motivation that has lead us to the recovered life comes from the motivation of avoiding pain.

Once we have overcome the creature, the disease that is, we develop habits that keep us moving in the right direction.  The habit of communication with our fellows in recovery.  The habit of attending meetings, sober socials, church, other spiritual events and more.  When we implement a program of action we can overcome and find joy that lasts.  Yesterday I attended a barbecue that had an open discussion meeting.  The fellow that ran the meeting was an inspiration you could feel his joy, love and spirituality.  His motto was from Tweeker to Seeker!  As I have over the past twenty plus years I witnessed hope and life in people.  People grateful that they had a place to go and share a sober lifestyle with others.  Life gets better and better and better for those that build in the success habits of recovery.

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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