Motivate Yourself

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“You must motivate yourself EVERYDAY.” – Mathew Stasior

How do I motivate myself on a daily basis? First is to know that we are not in this alone! We have our Creator and our mentors or sponsors and we have our network of family and friends to assist us. However, here are some ideas to implement:

* Prayer and meditation, spending time everyday in Prayer helps to keep us motivated. I have used various daily prayer and meditation books like “24 Hours a Day” I also use various internet services that send a daily message like the Kelly Foundation.

* Affirmations: I take time daily and throughout the day to state positive affirmations about myself. I have them programmed into my daily calendar with an alarm to remind me to read them.

* Scripting: I enjoy writing on a daily basis often writing out my goals and dreams for the future.

* Communicating: Talking to other people with a like mind, a sponsor, mentor, friend…

There are so many ways to get the daily dose of positivity and motivation. Choose what works for you, stick to it and reap the rewards of the Recovered Life!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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