Mistakes as a Recovered Person

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Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. – Thomas Edison, 1847-1931.

Most of us that have been plagued by addiction have had our share of failure.  Looking at our failures as the direct result of our addiction allows us to write it off as part of our disease.  We tend to justify the hurts and pains we have inflicted on others by our addiction.  We say things like “if I was not drinking I never would have done this”.  However, making amends is more than simply justifying our actions and apologizing.  It is actually amending our  behavior and actions.  It is growing up and taking responsibility for our actions, past, present and future.

The past we can not change, our present we can address on a daily basis and by doing so we will prevent future challenges.  But, what happens when we fail today due to our misguided actions?  What if we are impulsive, inconsiderate, greedy, selfish, or any other self centered action?  Do we quit on ourselves, family, friends and recovery support?

Sure it is embarrassing to fail, especially when we have lived the recovered life and apply the recovery principles to our lives.  However, the principles still apply.  We stand up, we evaluate, we make amends, we address the hurts we have caused and we put one foot up in front of the other!  Yesterday is the past the only thing we can do is face the embarrassment, face ourselves, God, and keep keeping on!

Never give up, never, ever, ever!!!

Dan 🙂

The recovered life is more than cleaning up the past,

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