Mental, Emotional, and Behavioral Health, MEB!

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According to the National Research Council & Institute of Medicine; Mental, Emotional, and Behavioral (MEB) health is the overall psychological well-being of individuals and includes the presence of positive characteristics, such as the abilities to deal with stress, demonstrate flexibility under changing environments, and recover from adverse situations.

This is the basis of recovery; recognizing that our overall well-being is compromised due to the use of alcohol or other substances. However, simply alleviating these substances are not enough for the alcoholic or addict. Focussing on the challenges, trauma, or other aspects of dysfunction is not enough. In order to fully recover we must recognize that our MEB Health is paramount to long term joy and fulfillment.

This is the “Wow Factor” that many people miss. They often focus solely on fixing what is broken and fail to enjoy the moment let alone design a future for a successful productive life. This is the basis of what I believe has kept me focussed through ups and downs. Through failure, homelessness, divorce as well as all of the successes I have been blessed with, all I might add while I was/am in recovery.

In the “Freedom Recovery” program I teach Earl Nightingale’s Six Features of Mentally Healthy People:

1) They have a wide variety of sources of gratification.
2) They are flexible under stress.
3) They recognize and accept their limitations as well as their assets.
4) They understand the importance of treating people as individuals.
5) They stay active and productive.
6) They Love, are Loving and Live by a loving example.

Life is good!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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