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I am Blessed to have four children, a 25 year old son, Sean, a 24 year old daughter Kristin, a 15 year old son Liam, and a nearly 13 year old son Seamus.  There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of each of them.  I have pictures of them in the center some of them have quotations on them that are fitting for who they are as people.  Our Center is darned with quotes that are pertinent to living a successful life of recovery.

My daughter Kristin is an animal lover.  She works in an Animal Clinic, is an activist for animals and their care.  She also attends college to attain her degree in the field.  My son Sean lives in Florida and handles our SEO and IT needs with his partner.  My two youngest children live with their mom in NY both students.  Seamus is a fun loving young man that has an awesome sense of humor, wears his hair to his shoulders (unlike his brothers) and is dedicated to skate boarding and the guitar.  Liam is intense, responsible and a committed soccer player.

Today I was chatting with Liam on G-Mail Chat and when we were done I received this email photo.

Received from Liam

Received from Liam

It reminds me of the day over 20 years ago that I was speaking with a friend and therapist Walda.  I was speaking with her, actually I was complaining about the bitterness I had with the mother of Sean and Kristin.  I lived a couple hundred miles away from them and my visitation was limited.   I remember it like it was yesterday.  Walda’s direction to me was life changing.  She told me this story, one day she went to her sponsor and said that as a teen she gave a son up for adoption.  She knew where the boy was and that after many years she wanted to see him and tell him how much she loved him and that she was sorry.  Her sponsor shared magnificence with her, she said “Walda, do not do that, continue on the path you are on.  Get well, stay well and always love yourself and your  son.  Walda, as you get well so will your son!”   I have never forgotten that message.  I have practiced that message with love.  I have shared that message thousands of times.  Today, that message is alive, I am reminded by a simple picture sent to me by my son Liam.

God is good, Life is Goooood!  Keep smiling, keep loving and shine, baby shine!

Dan 🙂

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