Looking Back

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Did you ever consider why the windshield in your car is larger than the rearview mirror?  I remember when I was a kid there was a movie out about racing across the continent and one of the drivers reached up to the rearview mirror and snapped it off.  He said, “this is not needed!”  or something to that effect.  No matter what recovery protocol (for lack of a better word) you choose to utilize, looking back is typically an action that is taken or at least suggested.  Is it necessary?  Why would we suggest this?  To beat ourselves up?  Make matters worse?  Relive the past and punish ourselves?  

I believe the answer is obvious, it is a way to evaluate where we are, what we can do to move forward and to formulate a plan to amend the behavior(s) that may be at the root of our issues.  I was in a mutual support meeting the other day and the discussion was on the “admission process for the exact nature of our wrongs,” Step 5.  A fellow shared and used some typical responses to the concept of how we as addicts have stooped down to low lows and hurt so many people…  The next person to share went into an angry tirade about how they had not hurt people that people had hurt her…  The exchange was a bit unsettling but the point is clear, we all have varying paths.  We all see things from our perspective until our perspective is adjusted.  That is not right or wrong, it just is.  

The reason the rearview mirror is smaller is simple, the focus needs to be where I am going and not where have I been!  Does that make the rearview mirror expendable? No!  It is a tool in our briefcase that we utilize to evaluate our progress, make better choices, and as stated earlier make the amends we need to make in order to live a happy, joyous and free life.


Life is Goooood!



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