Living Life to it’s Fullest….

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We are here for just a flicker! In the scheme of things our 75 to 100 years is nothing, it flies by. We need to make the most of it, every single day. We all have our talents, dreams, desires, wants, likes and dislikes. Evaluating them and compiling a Mission and Vision is the start of attaining and living a life to fulfill our purpose. Anything else is a waste!

Wow what a direct and bold statement. Ok take a second and think back, have you ever said to yourself or someone else, “what is this all about?” What is life about? Why am I here? What do I want to do in my life? What do I want to be when I grow up? If you answer yes to any of these questions you have questioned you purpose. You have what every reasonably minded person that I know of has, a desire to be, do and have. That is human nature! That is also what God wants of you. God wants you to become a better you!

So where do you start? First is to practice the A B C ‘s of a successful and joyous life:

A) Always Be Positive, follow the three rules of a positive mental attitude: 1) Always Be Positive, 2) Always Be Positive, 3) Always Be Positive!

B) Be a Student of Life; never ever stop growing. Read, listen to audio programs that are educational in nature, live, learn and love.

C) Cheerlead your friends, family and co-workers! Always offer praise to people but never offer praise if it is not due, yet keep the negatives to your self. Be happy for other people’s accomplishments.

Life is meant to be enjoyed, not endured. That is the key to reasonable happiness. I receive emails daily from folks that indicate that the writer has a lack of self-recognizable fulfillment in their life.

I was sober for 10 years and I felt as if I was just living day by day this dull and disillusioned life. I would tell you I was grateful to be sober and alive. I loved my friends and family, I just felt like something was missing. I had a strong belief and love of God. I knew that God loved me as well.

Yet, something was missing! I found out what that something is. I found the key to success. The key to change and to master living life to it’s fullest. If you want what I have you can do two things, 1) Search, keep reading my Blogs, email me on MySpace, or Facebook, read and listen to the stuff I read and listen(ed) to and develop the same tools that I have developed over the past 11 years of my life. Or 2) Register for my “Victory Coaching 2 Overcome” program if you are free of your drug of choice or if you are just beginning your journey of recovery start with my “Coaching 2 Overcome” program.

Enjoy the Journey Because Life is Gooooood!

Dan ☺

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