Live Life with Passion

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“When I came to work, I didn’t just come to work. I leaped to work.” – Al Pacino

Living the ABC’s of Recovery encourages an individual to live their life with passion.  Staying positive, grateful, and maintaining a vigor for life always learning more and more about life, love, and You!  I wake up every morning and do my affirmations, my first one is “I’m Alive, I’m Awake, and I FEEL Great!”  I can not remember the last time I got out of bed in a bad mood or the fear that I once had because I have no idea what I did the night before!

Passion for life, for your life guides us in our journey towards a healthy, prosperous clean and sober life!  Life is good, seize the opportunity of every day.  In the beginning it may feel weird, or not cool.  But, what do you really want?  Do you really want misery?  or Do you want happiness?  Start with a gratitude list.  Look for everything that is positive in your life today, yesterday and potential for the future.  Carry an “Attraction Stone” or a “Gratitude Rock” in your pocket.  Make it a habit to be happy.

Answer your phone differently, instead of a simple hello say something like, “It’s a Great Day to be Alive”.  Share your joy when asked how you are doing today.  Life gets better, and better, and better everyday in every way, if you expect it.  Expect happiness you will get happiness.


Dan 🙂

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