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I am not known as a pet lover. I do not like the smell of animals especially dogs. Cats freak me out, they come off as sneaky to me. If I go to a home with a cat the cat always comes to explore me. When they are purring it kinda goes right through me! But, saying that, I do not dislike animals. I think they are cute, playful and funny especially when they are young. I love birds and enjoy the comfort of fish in a tank but do not have either.

When my son came to live with me last year first he talked me into buying him a snake. That didn’t last because it kept biting him so we took it back. Then he brought his dog Lilly that he has had since she was a puppy.

Today despite the smell when she comes in from a walk I am comforted by her presence. Not as a watch dog, she is a Boston Terrier & Poodle mix less then 30 lbs. and afraid of her own shadow! But as a dog that senses stress, offers love during happiness and sadness. She simply shows love no matter what.

I guess you can say she is a lap dog. When you sit she must be touching you. I find it funny if she falls asleep and you move she moves with you. If you try to get her from touching you she will continue to inch closer! To me she is comforting. I am not sure if I can be classified as a pet lover yet, but I must say, I love Lilly!

Life is good…

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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