Life in Prison for 9th DUI

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Round Rock Texas August 2010

Bobby Stovall a man convicted for the ninth time of DUI has been sentenced to life in prison.  Stovall was arrested and charged with his ninth DUI for driving with a blood alcohol level of .32, which is four times the legal limit in Texas.  Stovall crossed several lanes into oncoming traffic in his pick-up truck and slammed into another car injuring the driver.

District Attorney John Bradley applauded the sentence indicating that Stovall is an extreme danger to the community.  His reluctance to live a sober lifestyle puts other members of society in grave danger.  Bradley informed the court, “This is someone who very deliberately has refused to make changes and continued to get drunk and get in a car and before he kills someone we need to put him away.”

What do you think?  Life in prison?  Treatment? Where do we draw the line?

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