Knowledge is Power

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Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad. Winston Churchill

We have all heard that knowledge is power, however, knowledge without wisdom leaves us susceptible to failure.  Through the years I have met many people that are turned off by religion.  When they are exposed to Twelve Step Programs they quickly reject the concept as it smells of religious dogma.  They are correct as well, if you simply read the literature, no matter how much the writers have attempted to tone it down it is clear that the concept is built on religious principles.  If you are from a group of people that have strong ties to religious doctrine this can sometimes be traumatic, thus the rejection of the Twelve Step approach.

With that said, does that mean that the Twelve Steps will not work for you?  On the flip side taking your time to read the literature and then implement the principles with no guidance is similar to knowing a tomato is a fruit…  Wisdom is recognizing that a huge group of people from all walks of life, all religions and those that are agnostic or atheist and many that fall in between all of the above, have utilized the Twelve Steps but more importantly, was guided by the wisdom of those that have had similar experiences and cultures.  Wisdom. 

The power of mutual support cannot be denied.   Simply because the steps are written (in 1939) from the original Oxford Group, a Christian based entity does not limit the use of the principles.  In fact, just because they are written with a religious slant does not necessarily make them religious.  Do not get me wrong, they were toned down intentionally to allow people time to grow and accept them.  But, the true basis or causal factor for their effectiveness is not religious.  It is a therapeutic process that works.  It is the basis for talk therapy from a self-help perspective rather than a professional perspective.   Briefly, if you are to go to a therapist first you are going for a reason, an issue!  The therapist is going to ask you what brings you here?  You have chosen the therapist because you believe they will help you, you put your trust in that help.  They ask you to discuss what is going on currently, what lead you to the place you are in and do you want to get better!  They will assist you in seeing the issues, addressing the issues and adjusting your life and life skills.  They will also show you how to maintain the progress you make.  Then as you are doing better you will meet people that have the same issues and you will refer them to the therapist that has assisted you!  That my friend is the basis of the Twelve Steps.  Show up and let the magic happen!  Wisdom to know the difference… 


Life is Gooooood!!!!!



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