Join Global Awareness Campaign: “The Connection Between Unplanned Pregnancy and Global Warming” and Invite Your Friends to Join Too

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This is from my friend and colleague Pett Corby:

Dear Ladies and Gents,

I have no doubt that women are those who are going to sort out our world… with the help of men!

Too many wars left devastation and poverty behind. The last (Iraq war) was about domination over the petrol reserves in the country. We´re scares at this fuel, but clearly cannot keep on fighting over it. It´s time to give our planet a break and start using alternative fuel for all our needs. Fossil fuel is no longer an option. It helped develop our world, but it´s given us Global Warming too.

Not many people put Global Warming next to Unplanned Pregnancy (UP), but there´s a link. The simplest way I can explain it is that there are too many of us consuming much of our planet’s energy resources pretty fast. We have many children because we don´t know how to have less and UP is viewed as inevitable by many young people. This problem belongs to developed and under developed countries: the United States has the highest rate of UP in the developed world after 48 years of using contraceptive drug. UK is no.1 in Europe. India, however, is adding a child every two seconds, the equivalent of one Australia every year, putting China on second place in contribution to global overpopulation.

In Jan´08 I started campaigning against our UK Health Minister´s decision to introduce contraceptive drugs for FREE to under -16 years old, still developing children. My movement quickly received the support of musicians who are contributing music to the cause. People endorsing my efforts are coming from all walks of life including politicians. I created a band called Virtual Gigs that´ll tour the world, spreading the word for the next 10 years.

My mission is to empower women with the ability to successfully avoid UP without drugs thus avoiding both their and abortion´s side effects; helping children stay at school and preventing us from being locked in relationships we don´t really want; ultimately stop contributing to the overwhelming number of global population.

With this I want to invite you to:

* Become part of my Global Awareness Campaign and help me spread the word. Let´s make people aware that it´s easy to avoid UP the natural ways... Looking at today’s economy we cannot afford to carry on making children that may start life in poverty. Join me at


I look forward to working with you toward making our world a better place.

Pett Corby,

Author, How to Avoid Unplanned Pregnancy Every Time You Have Sex WITHOUT Using Contraceptive Drugs

Your link again:

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