In God’s Hands

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It means really leaving the problem in God’s hands and not reaching out and taking the problem back to ourselves. Second, having given our drink problem to God, we must cooperate with Him by doing something about it ourselves. Am I doing these two things?

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Over the years I have observed many people that seek help to overcome addiction and or alcoholism that reject the solution offered in the Mutual Support or Twelve Step approach. They see a Judeo Christian approach and they resist. I must admit that I was in a similar place but, after nearly eight years of failing, I made the decision to go all-in! I had my doubts about God and His Love for mankind. I actually could not wrap my head around it. But, I was in a place that I had no other choice but to take it on faith.

What I have learned since then allows me to assist people that have similar difficulties. The thing I needed to learn is there is a difference between God and Life or Nature. I also needed to recognize that some people will simply reject a belief in God. However, what they are rejecting is not God but the Perception, Narrative, Definition, and Interpretation of the Judeo-Christian God predominantly recognized in the Twelve Steps of Mutual Support. I will not go into the variables or define God vs Nature but will simply leave it at there is a difference and our zealous interpretations often push the people that need us the most away!

Am I doing these two things?

So how does one do these two things? Leaving the problem in God’s hands is all about letting go. So whether you “label” it in God’s hands or simply “letting it go” it matters not. An action is an act of faith, that is, you recognize that you can not handle it alone, therefore, you are trusting that if you let go and take the next right sober step, all will be well!

How do we cooperate with Him if we do not believe or recognize the God of the Bible? The answer is in part two of that statement, “by doing something about it ourselves!” Action, action, the action is the key. We need to take action and that action is often derived from our sponsor, mentor, or mutual support group.

The bottom line is simple. Do you want to change your life? Do you want to stop the pain you suffer from the consequences of addiction? Do you want to be happy? Do you want to recover? If the answer is yes, then don’t worry about what you believe, just strap on your boots and take the next right sober step!!! Life is gooooood!



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