If I was God…

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Fortunately I am not and never will be.  I think at times I have played the role of God in my life and the lives of others.  Of course the results were less then favorable.  I was awakened at 5am this morning with this thought.  I have said it before often I am my own worst enemy.  I can judge myself much harder than others would judge me, certainly much harder than God judges me.

Here are some examples:  Dan-God says, You get what you give…  Therefore, for all the harm and negativity you have caused in life you will get back harm and negativity!  God says, you are forgiven, what harm and negativity.  You reap what you sow…  Today is anew, a fresh start just like every day actually every moment of your life, start anew!  Sow seeds of love, give to others, lend a helping hand, Reap; love, joy and happiness!

Dan-God says, shame on you, will you ever get it right?  Quit, just quit!  God says, happy are those that are called…  You are a winner, a champion!

Dan-God gets angry, God sends love and healing!

Dan-God creates fear and anxiety, God sends comfort and peace…

Fortunately, when I get stuck between my two ears God is there for me.

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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