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Humility does not mean thinking less of yourself than of other people, nor does it mean having a low opinion of your own gifts.  It means freedom from thinking about yourself at all.  ~William Temple

If you read this blog you know that humility  is one of our Joy principles.  How does one actually acquire humility?  I heard someone once say when you think you have humility you don’t!

Why is humility so important for the recovered life?   Humility is important for all of us, but all the more important for those of us in recovery.   As an active addict or alcoholic our focus is on one thing, “ME”.  In the depths of addiction the addict will do anything to take care of “ME”.  Breaking that cycle permanently requires “WE”.   In order to consider “WE” we must first let go of the concept of “ME”.  To do this it takes humility, to acquire humility requires practice.

We must practice listening, having empathy for others and giving of ourselves.  These are basic Spiritual principles.  We have two ears and one mouth, we need to use them proportionately.  No-one likes being around the guy or gal that is constantly talking, let alone constantly talking about themselves, whether in a boastful or poor me sort of way!  The point is, if no-one wants to be around you how can there be a “WE”?  So we must learn to listen twice as much as we talk and when we listen we need to listen with attentiveness and concern!

Without a doubt the giving principle is probably the most powerful!  If you truly want to grow spiritually be a giver!  But to truly achieve the full reward or benefit of giving, do it anonymously and then don’t tell a soul.  I remember when I first started this practice, I felt so good helping a family that I wanted to share it!  I tried to justify why I should tell people, how will others know and get the benefit if I do not share it with them?  Over time that feeling does go away.

Should we be doing this for our benefit?  Well to be honest, I believe everything we do is for our benefit in some way.  But that should not stop you.  I recently found a foundation that is really a great way to give.  It is called the Modest Needs Foundation you can find it at   It is a way to give small amounts of money that will make a difference to the receiver.  You can register to give and when you do you can do it anonymously!  I will not try to explain it, simply take a few moments out to visit them.

As is our policy we are not affiliated with this foundation in any way.

Humility is the cornerstone to Spirituality.  Spirituality will bring you joy!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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