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Very early in my recovery I learned the acronym, H.O.W. it stands for Honesty, Open-mindedness, and Willingness. Recovery is living a happy, prosperous, clean and sober life. Utilizing the tools of recovery like the Twelve Steps, Power of Positive Thinking, the Law of Attraction, Life’s One Law as well as others is the key to attaining a happy and prosperous life. A Recovered Life!

Open-mindedness and Willingness are crucial aspects of the recovery process. When people arrive at a recovery center they arrive with a history. Sometimes it is their first encounter in a drug and alcohol rehab program and sometimes it is their fourth, fifth or more attempts. Therefore it is imperative for a facilitator to make a strong case for H.O.W.

Breaking the habit of deciding the outcome of any suggestion prior to condemnation is strongly suggested. People are conditioned to think “No” right out of the box. So how does one stay open to the suggestions? It starts with developing the habit of asking different questions. The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous suggests “Restraint of Tongue and Pen”. I remember attending a fire prevention class with my son Liam. The fireman taught the children to “Stop, Drop and Roll” if they are caught on fire. Similarly developing the habit to “Stop and Think” before we say “No” takes practice. We must Detox our Thoughts. Toxic thoughts paralyze our potential happiness.

Here are some tips:

• Ask questions that seek the positive for instance:
o Am I limiting myself by not attempting this suggestion?
o Why am I rejecting this suggestion?
o Have I truly given my best shot?
o What is right about this suggestion?
• Use a notepad to weigh out the positives and negatives by writing them down.
• Look at the perspective that maybe you missed something in the past if you have heard the suggestion before.
• Always bounce the idea or suggestion off another informed person.
• Guard your mind watch what goes in to your head. Do not allow negativity to permeate your life.
• Be aware of bitterness. If you have a resentment talk it out. A resentment is like swallowing poison and expecting the other person to die!
• Decide what you want in life and focus on that.
Believe that your best days are ahead of you, do not worry about past harms.
Change your vocabulary:
o Problems = Challenges
o Have to = Want to
o Setback = Opportunity for Comeback

I have learned that we are all different. We all learn, act, react, do, and are different people. As carriers of the message of hope and recovery we cannot lock ourselves into a box that shuts people out. Thomas Edison once said, “There are no rules around here we are trying to get something done”. Adopt this policy into your thinking. Life is a journey; enjoy the journey clean and sober.

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