How to Stop Screwing Your Life Up! Guaranteed…

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No matter where you go, there you are!  Due to the human condition we have the propensity to look for meaning in everything we do.  That includes our screw ups.  Unfortunately when we screw up again, and again and again, our brain searches for the reason and the reason always falls squarely in the wrong direction!  It looks for the outside source of our challenge.  The blame game is what we play. Unfortunately when it comes to the blame game we never win, there are no winners.

When it comes to addiction nowhere in the world are there more players of the blame game.  For that reason nowhere in the world are there bigger screw ups!  There you go I said it, addiction and screw up is synonymous!  Folks that are in the throws of addiction look for the reason they drink or drug.  Yet it is very clear why they drink or drug, let me give you a hint and it is not too many ice cream sodas!  They are addicts!  No, it is not because their mom or dad beat them or any other trauma in their lives it is a simple answer, they are addicts!

The contradictions that are present with addiction are enormous.  They are the dice in the blame game.  The brain searches out every possible contradiction and reason that we drink or drug too much and bingo, snake eyes, we use that to keep on screwing up!  So how do you stop screwing your life up?  You stop, you just do it!  Do what Dan?  You do whatever it takes to stop, and once you stop you continue to stay stopped.  You get involved in your life, in the recovered life!  You do it!  Yeah, yeah, yeah, Dan but you don’t understand…  Oh yes I do, you just do it!  Common Dan what do I do?  You do it and a little bit more!  What is it? Exactly!  You knock off the pity party, you get active in your life, you stop blaming others and conditions for your trouble, and more!  Oh Dan that sounds so hard, and besides you don’t know what I have been through!  Yes I do, you are a drunk or an addict, knock it off and go do it…

But Dan, I don’t believe in God!  Ok, well He believes in you so knock it off and go do it!  Yeah But Dan, my wife left me!  Ok next, go do it, she wasn’t worth it anyway!   Oh no did you say that Dan, my God after all she went through with him, yeah and your point is?  She deserves to be happy too, so she better do it too!  Do what? Exactly!  Dan I don’t think I like you anymore, ok, but remember this, you better go do it cause if you don’t you can play the blame game and add Big Dan to the reasons you are a screw up!

Yeah it’s a bit harsh but the truth is, recovery rocks!  Life is good, if you are sick and tired of being the screw up then go do something about it, take the pacifier out of your mouth and go DO IT!!!!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

But Dan you just don’t understand I am different…  Yeah

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