How to get out of the Rut!

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How to get out of the Rut!

Getting stuck in a rut is not a fun experience. When the days get long and your attitude dwindles to mediocre at best it is time to do something different. The recovered life is proactive living. There are several things you can do to help shift the momentum in your favor. But to get back on track it is gonna take effort and commitment.

1) Re-commit to a 90 and 90. Yes to re-motivate and energize yourself get back to the basics. Get to meetings and do the work. Be open to sharing about your experience and make your new commitment public.

2) Chair a meeting. Take on a service commitment and chair a meeting. Better yet, take on a Hospitals and Institutions (H&I) commitment.

3) Sponsor someone new, get to a beginners meeting and put your hand out to someone new or returning.

4) Change up your meeting schedule. Make the shift to some new meetings. Maybe add a new home-group.

5) Get a new sponsor. This is not an insinuation that your sponsor is not a great one, simply a way to shake up your views.

6) Set some new goals for your life. A rut is not a death sentence by any measure. Take some time and put your goals down on paper if you have not done it lately. If you have your goals, then you may want rethink them, quite possibly they are too far out or not attainable in your mind. Set a goal that will keep you focused.

7) Do something fun! Go to an amusement park, zoo, ball game, concert, anything that makes you smile! Go have some sober fun.

8) Time for a new GRATITUDE list!

Life is goooood!


Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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