How am I doing?

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How am I doing? Honorable Ed Koch, former New York City Mayor

If you are old enough and lived in proximity to New York City in the late 1970’s and 80’s you would remember the Mayor that made that question relevant, Ed Koch! He would walk around the city when he was out and about and ask people, “How am I doing”? This approach was a bold one. Imagine President Obama walking into the financial district in New York City and asking that! Imagine George Bush doing that in 2008 before he left the White House!

Well people need to know the truth. People need to know how a treatment center did during a clients stay. Most rehabs have an exit interview or at the very least a satisfaction survey at the end of an individuals stay. At our center we always asked during and at the end of an individuals treatment at our center “how are we doing”? Are we doing everything we said before you arrived? Are we living up to our hype? When we received great reviews we would look at the review and judge the answers for accuracy. When we received mixed or subpar reviews we asked ourselves how can we change this?

Most agencies do not have the you know whats to ask that question. In fact they will use excuses like we are a treatment center not a health spa. People that need treatment need to be confronted! People in treatment are complainers, heck they were living on the street now they are complaining that their steak is over cooked! Well that is simply an excuse that skirts the issue of accountability.

If an agency says they are going to do “X” they need to do it. So to the point. is a comprehensive website that lists every licensed treatment facility in the United States. Every agency has a page on the site where you can go and leave a review. Tell us and the world what your experience was like. If you had a great experience people need to know. Families make decisions every day where to send there loved ones. Help them to make the right choice.

Agencies need to hear the truth and then make adjustments. The great agencies need to be singled out for their greatness. If you attended rehab let us know, you can keep your name confidential. Agencies love to use statistics to prove they have a great success rate. But true verification of this is nearly impossible. Mark Twain once said there are three types of lies, Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics!

Tell the world what you experienced, what you think and let them decide where to go and if the promises are honest! Go right now to and leave a review!

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