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I met a young couple today, the husband has been drinking excessively for some time now. He is agreeing to get some help, but not without a bit of kicking and screaming that usually goes along with the idea of entering treatment. I listened to the wife explain to me her fear of where their marriage was heading. The idea of having children with this hanging over their head is not an option for her. I could see and feel the pain for her.

We all have a yearning to be happy. We all want to enjoy the pleasures of life. This young man indicated pointedly that he did not want to be the “Guy”. The guy that drinks water… The guy that is different… Funny how we are so focused about what others will think that it becomes an excuse to continue to abuse! It is unbelievable that we are so willing to continue the destruction. Yet what family or friend looks at us and thinks “sure that is normal” to drink a pint or two of vodka alone in the morning? What a normal occurrence!

What the person with an addiction fails to see is the life beyond the drink or drug! Today my 14 year old son sent me a video he put together for us. In fact he was happier about the video he made then he was about the fact that he made the Junior Varsity Soccer Team! My children have never seen me with a drink of alcohol or a drug in my hand or mouth. They have been encouraged since day one to set goals, enjoy life, work hard and live a life of purpose.

I must admit that there is no drug or alcoholic beverage that has ever made me feel as happy and as loved as the video that I am sharing with you! Why? Because a sober father with a 14 year old son Liam with the help of his 12 year old brother Seamus, put their hearts and soul into helping someone else!

Enjoy and pass it on…

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