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Every once in awhile someone comes across with an idea simply by helping someone else that is in need that makes a huge impact in the world.  When the reason for the service is clearly to help other people there seems to be some magic involved in the spread of the idea.  Now of course the idea of helping others is not novel!  However, how we help each other or more importantly the fact that we actually do help each other is what counts.

Recently I read an article from my friend Sifu Mark Yarrobino, titled “You’re Only Going to Get as Much as You Give” on his Blog Learn To Change Your Life I left him a comment about my friend Tucker Hall.  Tucker is the co-founder of Volcom, Inc.  Tucker’s motto is “You Get What You Give”!  I have long believed this and yet I know with out a doubt that God gives us way more than we deserve!

Right along those lines, a few weeks ago my friend Scotty King popped me a Facebook note pointing to a new group and ultimately a new website that he created to help folks in need.  I recognize that there are sites and strategies out there in place to help us pay it forward and sites that are there to help folks.  I guess being a bit skeptical at times I wonder out loud if those structures are serving others or simply gaining for the founder.  In Scotty’s case I can assure you that he has no need to benefit from others in this fashion.

He is committed to helping people because of his success in life and business.  You can join the FaceBook group by going to the Facebook group Friends Who Help Friends and please take some time out of your busy schedule and visit, join and post to Friends Who Help Friends You will be glad you did.

If you follow our Blog or you have been to one of our seminars or lectures you know that one of the principles we teach is the habit giving to others anonymously!  Taking the time when someone is in need to get the help to them that they need without ever telling them or anyone else that it was you.  If you want to enhance your Spiritual life begin to build this habit into your life and your joy will increase ten-fold or more!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

PS If you do decide to practice this principle, Friends Who Help Friends is a great place to start!

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