Harmless entertainment or a destructive addiction?

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I love the internet, Google Plus, Facebook, and email it has made keeping in touch, meeting new friends and interacting with folks so much easier.  This is a new friend of mine that is in recovery and has dedicated herself to helping people with gambling addictions to break free of this huge challenge.  I am grateful that the gambling creature has missed me!  But as an individual that has enjoyed the Blackjack table in the past I can see how it can become a problem quickly!


Gambling is promoted as a harmless form of entertainment for millions of people but articles fill newspapers and magazines, and stories appear on TV situations where the gamblers have lost homes, families, retirement funds and even their lives. Crimes are committed to support their addiction and the gamblers eventually serve time in prison. Compulsive gambling affects the person’s health, physically, mentally, and emotionally. The rate of suicide is higher in compulsive gamblers than any other form of addiction.

Seniors are targets for the gambling venues. Casinos furnish transportation, free lunches, and a role of quarters to the seniors in retirement communities. At retirement age, the gambler will be too old to earn back the retirement funds.  A great-grandmother at the age of 61, I was given a two-year prison sentence for a crime I committed to support my gambling. I lost my home, my job, and my freedom and neglected my health. My story, Gripped by Gambling, reveals how I survived and turned my life around.

 My second book, Switching Addictions, gives the readers a list of warning signs describing the dangers of gambling compulsively and what to look for. It is not an innocent past-time for many. The book also covers other addictions such as: alcoholism, over-eating, smoking, hoarding, etc.

Women Helping Women is a free newsletter on-line to help female (and male) compulsive gamblers. (WWW.femalegamblers.info)  The content is changed monthly and includes stories from gamblers around the world as well as articles written by certified counselors.

Both books are available on Amazon and in the Kindle form.



Marilyn Lancelot


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