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When you get to the bottom of all of your desires what you will find underneath it all is a desire to be happy. I have heard many of our self-growth leaders proclaim, ok simply be happy! The answer to all of your challenges! If you are like most people I can hear you think, “If it were just that easy!”

If you want to be truly happy, you must first find out what makes you happy. Is it love? Acceptance? Things? Spirituality? Peace of mind? Vocation? Giving? Accepting? Once you have identified what makes you happy your roadblocks must be discovered. What are roadblocks? Quite simply any person, place or thing, that holds you back from achieving your desire.

How do you overcome roadblocks? First identify the roadblock. Second unlock the deadbolt that ties the block to your desired outcome. Finally accentuate the positive. Sounds easy, unfortunately most of us do not have the discipline to stay focused on the issues. Life gets in the way! Making the time, developing the game plan, and then sticking to the game plan is essential.

Why do you think athletes have coaches? Or, Why do students have advisors or guidance counselors? First is to assist them in developing a game plan, a training method or study design. More importantly however, it is to help hold them accountable and to motivate them when necessary.

Help is here in fact it is only an E-mail away. With a proven track record of more than 20 years, the mentoring program personally designed by myself will help you unlock your true desires, find peace, sustainable happiness and hold you accountable on a daily basis.

You may be thinking, “What does this have to do with addiction?” “I thought The Last Resort Panama is a recovery center?” Well it only has everything to do about it! Recovery is about living life, a happy life. If you are involved in a 12-step fellowship sure you can use a sponsor, and I encourage that. However, this is a program that is designed to assist you in your personal pursuit of happiness and fulfillment.

Why wait? You have read the books, gone to seminars and meetings, listened to the audios, gone to church, you know all of the suggestions! Yet something is missing. Now is the time, this is the place to plant your flag get off your rear anatomy and make it happen. Do not sit and watch your life pass you by not another day! E-mail me at Daniel@theLastResortPa.com

Thank you and enjoy the day, cause Life Is Goooooood!

Dan ☺

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