Happiness abounds…

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Look at the happy side of life, and you will develop the happiness habit. – Remez Sasson

I was fortunate to be in a mens meeting last night and a young man, sober a year shared about happiness. He indicated that he chased and drank to be happy, when it no longer worked he was fortunate to be led to the rooms. Today he is happy because he took action and began to work the steps and recover. As I think back to my introduction to the rooms it was an introduction that lasted eight years. My goal was no longer to attain happiness it was to stop the mental pain and anguish. Yet the minute I heard the “Ninth Step Promises”, I was in! I wanted what they had. I wanted a new joy, a new freedom and I was willing to do what they did to get what they had!

I am grateful today that I followed that path. It was painful to live in relapse mode for eight years but today with three times those years it was worth the wait! Life is good!!!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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