Getting and staying sober

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Is there a key to getting and staying sober?  You bet there is!  The key is belief, believing that:

A) You can do it.

The bottom line is this if other people in similar, the same or worse condition have done it in the past then you can too!

B) That there is help to get you through it.

a) Often for the second part of this key people expect and rightly so that God can help.  That is factual.  However, we all recover in different sequences.  Some of us seek the help of God on the front side of recovery, some of us look for God’s help as we progress and some people come to have a spiritual connection years after they have recovered.  The one thing I have learned is that there are some of us that doubt the existence of God therefore we believe we did it ourselves.  The truth is that just because we do not believe does not mean that God does not exist!

b) When we realize that others have accomplished what I am attempting to do I can look at what they did and do that and get the results that they got!  I can do that through books or audio lessons or I can go to the source and ask them for help.  A likely place to find successful people that have attained sobriety for extended periods of time would be twelve step recovery programs such as AA, NA or CR or the newer SMART which is not twelve step based.

Recovery is more than just possible.  If you truly want to recover or if you are like me and you have no idea what the heck you want but you are sick of living the way you do, well then go for it.  Go aggressively seeking change.  Put your head down and go change!  It can and will be accomplished if you go for it!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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